MG RUSH has seeded FAST and CHOICE facilitation techniques at hundreds of companies, including some of the largest, most recognizable in the world. We are an acknowledged leader in meeting management and when using facilitated workshops for information gathering, planning, decision-making, and team leadership.


While our most popular public course is our 5-day FAST Professional Facilitative Leadership training, we also offer 3-day Meeting Fundamentals and 2-day Advanced Facilitation classes.


Looking for private, onsite training? While many organizations host 5-day professional or 3-day fundamentals classes, we also offer a customized class, called CHOICE, designed to fit your company’s needs.




MG RUSH structured facilitative leadership training was created to fill gaps left by other techniques. Our clientele include many of the world’s top private and public institutions. This sample list provides an indication of the broad appeal of our courses and the professionalism of our curriculum.